Thursday, 2 October 2014

Catch up and new writing job

This is a very quick post just to update people on what I'm up to. I promise I will write something more interesting soon.

The last few months have been incredibly busy, I've been doing a lot of work for website-creating company HIBU writing web copy. Then, about a month ago I started a new job working with Archant. Most locals will know Archant as the company that produces the East Anglian Daily Times newspaper and the Evening Star. I'm freelancing with the Special Editorial Projects Team. Roughly translated that means we write all the random stuff, including regular supplements, one-off publications and glossy magazines.

I managed to join in a ridiculously busy period and so have been thrown in the deep end somewhat. In the last month I've produced three regular supplements as well as contributed to several other supplements and publications. This includes the Education Supplement and the bi-monthly West Suffolk Lifestyle supplement, both photographed (badly) below.

I've got to say it's great to be back writing for print again and it's incredibly varied so keeps me on my toes. The team are lovely and I actually worked at Archant years ago when I was 18 so I've seen a lot of familiar faces.

FYI I will now be looking after the regular supplements Framlingham: Our Town and West Suffolk Lifestyle. So, if you know of anything exciting happening give me a shout.

I will write a more interesting and less self-obsessed post soon. But not for a week or so as I'm having a well deserved break!