Friday, 12 August 2011

Suite 101 is an online magazine site which publishes articles on pretty much anything you can think of (seriously, there was one on there the other day about the television series Xena Warrior Princess, that brought a wave of nostalgia).
I have recently become a 'Contributing Writer' for the site and have a grand total of two articles published; one on the attractions of the Romanian city of Brasov and the other on the best vintage shops in Sheffield. Random topics yes but that's the beauty of Suite101.
Please take a look at my profile:
Also, check out in general, it's a great source of information, written by people who are passionate and knowledgable about their topics (it was a very well researched Xena article).
Plus, if you're a freelance writer it's a good place to publish your work and they're always looking for new writers.
That's enough publicising from me.