Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Business Cards

Look at my spanking new business cards. It's great to have my own cards and not ones that I have to scribble my name on the back of anymore; people tended to look at me like I must have stolen them and was playing make believe.

This is how I felt when I got my two boxes of cards...

You've got to love a little bit of The Emperor's New Groove.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Lou Gardiner, Free Machine Embroiderer

A National Treasure - Lou Gardiner

A great part of my job is getting to contact and write about stupidly talented people, one of them being designer Lou Gardiner. She creates amazing works of art using just a sewing machine. It's a level of talent that I'm in awe of.

Lou Gardiner

Pink Fizz and Feathers - Lou Gardiner

I interviewed her for one of our regular features on Sew magazine, My Sewing Room, which is a one page in depth piece on a person from the sewing world. She talked about her inspiration and her work with Sensations crisps, designing the logos for their new flavours.

Kettle Chips - Lou Gardiner

Also, she designs pictures of ducks wearing chef hats.

Bonjour Canard Cupcake - Lou Gardiner

She's now become a regular columnist for Sew where she frequently talks about her love of sherry, my kind of girl.