Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Age Old Youngster - Vintage Lifestyle Blog

So I'm not doing very well at posting regularly on this blog. This is partly laziness and partly because I am actually quite busy with my freelance writing now.

I've been doing some more work recently writing content for websites, but I'll update you on that in a future post. Today I wanted to post about my other blog, Age Old Youngster.

Age Old Youngster Vintage Woman Graphic

It's basically where I can right about my inability to keep up with modern trends and my love of retro TV, books and clothes.

I know there are thousands of vintagey blogs out there but I'm aiming for something a bit different, instead of a 'look how beautiful and perfect my life is' type blog it's more to showcase fashion, literature, media and other things that I enjoy and think others will too.

I've been writing the blog for over a year now and it was a slow start but it's gaining in popularity. I have a couple of regular series; every Monday I write an Affordable Wedding Dresses post; providing inspiration on vintage-style big day dresses that don't break the bank.

Affordable wedding dress - Monsoon

I also often post my Tattoo Trends series where I showcase amazing tattoos on various themes.

Floral tattoos

Please check it out here; I hope you like it.

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